Public Engagement

I enjoy public engagement and I see it as an important part of my job.  I have been involved in public engagement for over 10 years and most of the work I have done falls into one of three categories: science festivals; working with authors and journalists; and giving public talks and lectures.

Some Previous and Forthcoming Public Engagement Activities

2017: U3A, East Lothian.  A talk titled: The Biology of Offending.

2016: Bloody Scotland – Scotland’s International Crime Writing Festival.  Chairing a session on: Sex and the Internet with Helen Fitzgerald and Brooke Magnanti.

2016: The Dunbar Science Festival.  A talk titled: The Science and Psychology and Aphrodisiacs.

2015: Edinburgh Skeptics – Skeptics on the Fringe.  A talk titled: Fat Love, the world of feederism and erotic weight gain.

2015: U3A, Edinburgh.  A talk titled: Offender Profiling.

2015: British Science Week (ON at Fife Libraries) Discover Forensic Facts and Fiction with Lin Anderson.

2014: Edinburgh Skeptics – Skeptics on the Fringe.  A talk titled: The Psychology of Serial Killers.

2014: Edinburgh International Science Festival with Lin Anderson.  A talk titled: Forensics and Fiction.

2013/14 Lighthouse Lectures.  I organised four public lectures themed around forensic and abnormal psychology at the Lighthouse in Glasgow.  These lectures have finished now but please see the public lectures tab for information.

2013: Bloody Scotland – Scotland’s International Crime Writing Festival.  A panel discussion including the crime writer Elly Griffiths.

2013: The Dunbar Science Festival (invited to discuss forensic psychology with crime writer Lin Anderson).

2012-14: Public Engagement Champion for the School of Life, Sport & Social Sciences.

2010: Invited by the author to contribute to a book covering the life and psychology of Johnny Ramensky.  This book is now available: Jeffrey, R. (2010). Gentle Johnny Ramensky.  The extraordinary true story of the safe blower who became a war hero.  Edinburgh: Black & White Publishing.

2010: Awarded a Public Engagement Fellowship from the Edinburgh Beltane.

2009: Following a conference presentation I gave on the problems of online seduction of under 16s, I worked with Real Radio giving various interviews around issues relating to crime and internet use.  Some of these were broadcast and some were used in a piece of research Real Radio did concerning young people and internet crime.

2009: I was commissioned to evaluate the Leith Outdoor Spaces Project.  This focussed on teenagers at risk of offending in the Leith area.  As part of my evaluation I also gave a presentation about incorporating psychology and research design into future projects.

2008: Cheltenham Science Festival (invited to speak at a public debate on the psychology of bullying).

2007: The Dana Centre at the Science Museum (invited to speak at a public debate on how society views young people).

2006: Interviewed by the Times Higher Education Supplement about the importance of public engagement in psychological research.

2006: Worked with a journalist from the Scottish Sun to produce a week of features on crime in Scotland with a focus on the psychology and utility of offender profiling.