Public Lectures

During 2013/14 I delivered four public lectures on: Deviant Sexuality; Criminal Profiling; The Narcissistic Personality; and British Serial Killers at the Lighthouse in Glasgow.  Thank you to those who came along and helped to make them a success.  I hope to offer further public lectures in the future so please keep an eye on my blog and twitter for information about this.

Download the Lighthouse Lectures Poster.

Thursday 5th September 2013 – ‘Deviant’ Sexuality

– An exploration of the origin and nature of ‘deviant’ sexuality.  Normally referred to as ‘paraphilias’, this lecture will analyse how and why unusual sexual interests develop with a focus on fetishes and sadomasochism.

Thursday 14th November 2013 – Criminal Profiling

– Understand how criminal profiling evolved and when it is used.  This lecture will explain how profiles are constructed and how effective they are in different types of investigation.

Thursday 6th March 2014 – The Narcissistic Personality

– Understand how the pathologically Narcissistic personality develops and manifests.  This lecture will focus on the consequences of Narcissism in offenders and the type crime this personality disorder can lead to.

Thursday 22nd May 2014 – British Serial Killers

– An analysis of two of Britain’s most prolific serial murderers, Fred West and Harold Shipman.  This lecture will explore the background and crimes of these two men and offer an interpretation of their actions based on psychological theories.