A Big Thank You!

Last August I wrote a blog post hoping to recruit participants for the Palgrave Pivot book Michael Palkowski and I are writing on Feederism. Our recruitment was very slow to get going initially and as recently as Christmas we were wondering if we would reach our target. We tweeted, and our link was shared on ExtremeFeeding, but our biggest breakthrough came thanks to the creator of Horngry Magazine who really spread the word about our study in January. Since then we have had a huge response from the feederism community and we’ve managed to meet our initial recruitment target four times over! Michael and I have interviewed a diverse range of people engaged in feederism from the perspective of feeder, feedee, mutual gainer, and with every sexual persuasion. We have heard some fascinating stories and experiences and we cannot wait to get these stories out there in our book. We have to finish writing at the end of May (just over three months away!) and our book should be available in hard copy and as an e-book in September/October this year.

I want to say a big thank you to everyone who gave their time to be interviewed and shared very personal stories and feelings with us. I also want to thank people who spread the word about our study and helped us get such diverse respondents. I appreciate people trusting us when there have been some very extreme and distasteful portrayals of feederism in the past. I am looking forward to writing a blog post in the autumn which announces the publication of our book 🙂


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