Research Participants Wanted!

I am currently working on an interdisciplinary research project which focuses on feederism.  Earlier in the year my co-author (Michael Palkowski) and I were delighted to sign a contract with Palgrave Pivot to write the first academic book on feederism – due for completion in summer 2015.  Feederism has varying definitions but it is commonly used to refer to individuals who gain sexual pleasure from gaining weight (feedee) or from feeding another person so that the other person gains weight (feeder).  There are also individuals who classify themselves as ‘mutual gainers’ because they enjoy both the feeder and feedee role.

You might have read or heard about feederism in the media through magazine articles or documentaries with titles such as Fat Girls and Feeders.  These representations do not accurately show the full spectrum of behaviours and attitudes in the feederism community.  They offer a niche view of feederism and are produced for entertainment.  They suggest that feederism is mainly about coercion and this has not been substantiated by research.  There is some interesting work in sociology which seeks to explore and understand feederism (most notably by Bestard (2008)) but there is very little in the psychological literature.  Michael and I will be making both a psychological and sociological contribution to this field with our forthcoming book.

If you would like to be involved in our research we would love to hear from you.  We are currently looking for participants who have experience of feederism either as a feeder, feedee, or mutual gainer.  We are interested in hearing about your experiences, feelings, and opinions on this topic.  We promise you complete confidentiality and anonymity.  We’re happy to provide further information if you have questions and getting in touch with us doesn’t mean you have to take part in our research.  Thanks and we hope to hear from you!

Kathy Charles (k.charles@napier.ac.uk or @kathy_charles on twitter) or Michael Palkowski (mibadiou@gmail.com).




  1. […] the submission of my first book.  Co-authored with Michael this book will explore the subject of feederism and it has been a fascinating process putting it together.  Between us we have interviewed around […]


  2. If you are still in need of applicants who have developed life around feederism, I feel like I might be of use to you. I’m very comfortable with my orientation with feederism and love everything about it. I’m a 22 year old male with currently in love with a very special woman who weighs almost 400. Please email me if you are curious or have questions I can answer.


  3. I would love to partake in your research. Hopefully it can help others, maybe even my son to live a happier life. I’ve always believed there was a genetic component to being a “feedee”. I’ve been in the closet about wanting to be fat for years and I still haven’t committed myself to it. Only my wife and a few others even know about my proclivities. Thank you for your research.


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