Welcome to my first blog posting,

Today was the summer solstice though you wouldn’t know it from the relentless grey skies and rain we’ve had.  The grim weather couldn’t dampen the spirits of our graduates though as they collected their degrees this afternoon at the Usher Hall in Edinburgh.  Graduation is one of the happiest parts of my job and although my palms were left sore from over an hour of clapping, I couldn’t stop smiling as I met proud parents, friends and relatives of our new graduates.  As students come to the end of their final year they often look tired, stressed and dispirited from all the work and pressure placed on them.  At graduation they always look delighted and revitalised and it’s a lovely way to end the academic session.  It’s also entertaining to see colleagues dressed up in their gowns (even though mine has the colour palette of a Manchester City strip).  Every year we take some photos of each other so I’ve put a few below along with other scenes of the day.

I’m now looking forward to having some time to develop new research ideas and seek out interesting events and pieces of research for this weekly blog.



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